New highly lucrative World Golf Tour wants to start in 2023

Don’t look now but another World Golf Tour proposal is on the table and slated to begin in 2023.

BBC’s Iain Carter has reported on yet another World Golf tour proposal, but this time it isn’t the one backed by Saudi money. And while this one has been talked about for a year or so now, according to Carter it’ll be officially unveiled later this week.

The money for this Premier Golf League proposal is supposedly coming from the World Golf Group based in Britain.

And there is some serious loot on offer.

BBC Sport has learned that the Formula 1 style global competition is scheduled to begin in January 2023 and would include 18 tournaments targeting the top 48 male players in the world.

A dozen of those events would be staged in the United States with the others “chasing the sun” around the world. Each competition would be worth $20m (£14m) with $4m going to the winner and last place picking up $150,000.

By way of comparison, the biggest purse on the PGA Tour for a single event is $2.7m from a $15m prize fund at the Players Championship.

There would be a team element with team principals choosing which scores from individuals from the four-man line ups would count.

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