Networking on the golf course

Is there any other sport or activity that is more fun to do while doing business than golf? According to American movies, perhaps racquetball may be one. Some guy usually gets the ball in his family jewels but in general, it’s usually golf. For this reason, I’m surprised the sort of business that Croweaters Steven Hamilton and Jon White have established hasn’t emerged in Australia before.

I stumbled upon Fairway Networking while wondering why Wayne Carey and Mark Ricciuto were on the golf course together. A golf network of professionals from a whole range of different industries has been created which includes including top business people and sporting identities to form a huge number of potential business links – all interacting on the golf course.

I asked Steven just how this is different from regular corporate golf days?

They are traditionally industry driven but Fairway Networking events are open to all business types, so you will never know what new business opportunities may arise.

There’s a whole load of events on the calendar at some not too shabby golf courses either. The next event is at the Grange Golf Club on June 29.

Currently the network has only begun in Adelaide but I can imagine it’s only a matter of time before it goes nationwide.

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