Na has an air swing, but it doesn’t count

Kevin Na appeared to have an air swing on Saturday, and got away with it.

Remember Kevin Na? He’s one of the slowest players on the PGA Tour and more recently known for his 16-shot hole in April this year. Well, he’s back immersed in controversy again, this time for an airy.

On Saturday, he appeared to have a full air swing at the ball. He missed it by a long way but rules officials deemed that he actually pulled out of the shot, and didn’t actually miss the ball when he was playing a proper golf shot.

Like Tommy Gainey says in the video above courtesy of FoxSports, it looks like an air-swing. I really can’t believe he got away with this. What’s going on? The precedent has now been set for hackers across the globe!

2 thoughts on “Na has an air swing, but it doesn’t count

  • I cant believe you think this is a serious attempt at hitting the ball. He clearly pulls out of the swing, but foxsports experts expressing a stupid opinion is normal. They showed it again and again on tv, until a rules official saw it and dismissed it in a moment. GET OVER IT.

  • Sorry Mike. Just thought it was worth a post and a little worried about what social golfers might say the next time they make an air swing.


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