Much-loved golfer and commentator Peter Alliss dies at age 89

Often referred to as “The Voice of Golf”, legendary golfer, author, commentator Peter Alliss has passed away aged 89.

Peters Alliss, famed golf-commentator and winner of over 30 professional golf tournaments died on Saturday, December 5, 2020.

The dulcet tones, witty quips and perfect pauses of Alliss would be familiar to golf fans all around the world and tributes are pouring in for the man who was never afraid of saying what he thought.

Scottish golf writer John Huggan has penned a fitting tribute for Golf Digest covering his often over-looked successful golf career

“I refused to do anything different when commentating in America,” Alliss said. “I certainly refused to say, ‘back side.’ I remember one commentator saying, ‘And here is Faldo at 14, with wind gusting from his rear.’ I thought no, I’m not saying that. For me, it was always a bunker rather than a sand trap.

The BBC’s obituary is a wonderful read – and their broadcast tribute also fitting.

There has been a multitude of tributes to Alliss on Twitter, some from people who aren’t necessarily names you’d associate with golf.


And if you’ve never seen it, Alliss’ acceptance speech as he was inducted in the World Golf Hall of Fame is fantastic.

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