More pictures of flooded golf courses

The clean up process is still very much under way from the torrential flooding that devastated much of the east coast of Australia a few weeks ago.

Palmer Colonial Golf Course last week. Photo courtesy of The Cut and Mark Hauff
We showed a few images of a few golf courses in Queensland and mentioned that the sharks that reside in the water hazard at Carbrook Golf Club may have escaped.
If you wanted a much more detailed update check out The Cut’s update on the state of many of the golf courses with more images and comments from those who are working to get the courses back in shape.
“…the entire Palmer Colonial Resort was under as it was 12 months ago. Superintendent Mark Hauff reports the course had about 300mm over four days but with the Mudgeeraba hinterland, which feeds the creek alongside the course, copping almost 1000mm in four days, the course had no chance.”

 Read more and see many more amazing photographs at The Cut.

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