Moore tackles The Open in a hoodie

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, a bloke wearing a hoodie playing a major golf tournament.

American Ryan Moore has a pretty unique fashion sense on the golf course. Sponsored by Chapeau Noir Golf, he’s often sporting something a little different from everyone else.
He often looks like he’s just stepped out for a flat white and then decided to play a round of golf. Like today at the first round of the 2011 Open Championship, for example. He played wearing a hoodie.
He would struggle to get on many Australian golf courses, let alone grab a flat white in several Brisbane suburbs with that hoodie. He finished the day with a 1-under par 69 and is well in contention. We might see him in jeans on the weekend.

H/T Shane Bacon at Dogs That Chase Cars. Image: Getty Images

One thought on “Moore tackles The Open in a hoodie

  • Yeah, even here in the states, he’s considered quite odd to say the least. Even wears a tie when he plays. What’s up with that?



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