Monday Trivia and Slow Play

We all hate slow golf but how’s this fact I came across from the weekend’s Honda Classic that Ernie won:South Korea’s Y.E. Yang, best known for beating Tiger Woods to win the 2006 HSBC Championship, played his final round in 1 hour, 53 minutes and shot 71.

The answer from last week’s question:

“You hit off on a par 3 into the trees and declare you are going to hit a provisional ball which you play onto the fringe of the green. After chipping it onto the green assuming the first ball is lost, you find your first ball in the hole after it must have hit a tree and bounced into the hole. What’s the ruling?”

The answer is covered in Rule 1-1: The Game of Golf consists of playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules.

Once your first ball is “in the hole” your play for that hole is deemed over. So in effect, it was a hole in one. This is only applicable to balls that are found in the hole, not for balls found later in the rough or on the fairway.

New question for the week: Which Australian golfer played in the final pairing of the 1999 British Open along side Jean Van De Velde?

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