Minjee Lee has taken over as Australia’s best female golfer

Webb passes to Lee after glittering 20-year reign as Australian number one

From Golf Australia.

Karrie Webb reigned over Australian women’s golf for 20 years; in a delightful irony, her crown has been lifted – temporarily at the least – by a teenager whom she has mentored.

Minjee Lee (Photo courtesy of Golf Australia)

Golf Australia rookie squad member Minjee Lee, the 19-year-old Perth sensation, overtook the 40-year-old Webb in the official world rankings released in America overnight to become Australia’s number one ranked female golfer.

Lee’s sixth-place finish in the Arkansas Championship, soon after her first-ever win on the LPGA Tour in May, saw her move from 17th to 16th on the list. Webb, who started the week a place ahead of Lee in the rankings at No. 16, is 18th.

It is safe to say that this is a first, a little piece of golfing history for this country.

The women’s world rankings have only run since 2006 and while several players – Katherine Kirk and Lindsey Wright – have threatened Webb’s status as Australia’s No. 1, no one has managed it. Both Wright and Kirk had moments when they reached the top 20, but the relentless Webb has hovered around the top 10 for most of those years.

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