Metal spikes causing grief on PGA Tour

An uproar has started on the PGA Tour over the use of metal spiked golf shoes.
The rules of golf do not allow a golfer to tap down spike marks on the green. Golfers are encouraged to repair damage due to their golf shoes as they leave the hole, but it seems many professional golfers aren’t following this advice.
Ian Poulter took to Twitter after last week’s Bay Hill event to vent his frustration at a the huge amount of scuff marks and holes which made the greens pretty “crusty” last week.
The greens got crusty out there this afternoon baked in the heat & wind & plenty of spike marks. why do people still use [metal] spikes #noneed
It had a few responses from Rory McIlroy and Christina Kim who both wear spikes and couldn’t see the problem with them. Wei Under Par has reported that the issue spread over to the latest event with plenty of golfers now taking issue with other golfers for wearing them. Tiger Woods sometimes still wears spikes too.
I have to admit, I haven’t seen metal spikes used for years and you wouldn’t get into many Australian clubhouses with them on. I’m pretty sure they are banned across all golf courses in the country. Kingston Heath and Victoria Golf Club for example, both ban metal spikes from being used on their golf courses. Did Tiger wear them when he played there at the Australian Masters?
I find it amazing that any golfer would seriously find they need to wear metal spikes these days. The plastic screw-in studs available now are so solid and grabbing, it is hard to imagine anyone slipping with a new set on. The fact that the rules of golf disallow a golfer to tap down spike marks on the line of the putt must surely be enough of a deterrent.

But perhaps the PGA Tour may need to think about introducing a ban on spiked golf shoes.

3 thoughts on “Metal spikes causing grief on PGA Tour

  • the issue is inconsiderate wearers/caddies ,, divots get replaced/sand filled and sand traps raked. Golfers should have the option of wearing real spikes ..

  • I have yet to find any spike superior to metal spikes.

  • Aint no way soft spikes will ever allow the foot action of the greats, aint no way. They are crap for anyone who knows what the feet should do in the swing.
    Jackie Burke, President of the Champions Course in Houston has said ” when Usan Bolt stops wearing steel, so will we “
    See, Jackie knows


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