May Recap

In case you missed them, here’s a selection of some of the most popular Aussie Golfer posts from the month of May:

Baker-Finch and that tee shot: A look at Ian Baker-Finch’s notoriously bad opening tee shot at the 1995 Open Championship.

Rules of Golf: Embedded Golf Ball: What is the ruling when you ball becomes embedded in it’s own pitch mark on the fairway?

The Science of Happy Gilmore: Padraig Harrington tries out teeing off Happy Gilmore style with great results!

RIP Four Hour Round of Golf: Is the four hour round of golf a thing of the past?

Betting on Golf: The low incentives and ridiculous odds on offer if you’re inclined to wager on the professionals.

Australian Handicapping changes: The system for handicapping amateur golfers in Australia will soon change.

Hawaiian Golf: A summary of a round the most amazing golf course Aussie Golfer has ever played.

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