Leaving fairways for dead

A Sydney golf club is considering selling its fairways to a neighbouring cemetery.

It was reported earlier this week that Sydney’s Strathfield Golf Club is considering an offer from the neighbouring Rockwood Cemetery to buy the land and then lease the course back to the golf club.
In doing so, the cemetery would be able to create more burial grounds within the confines of the existing golf club, perhaps adding memorials scattered about the edges of the fairways. Golf clubs are considering all options to trying and improve their cash flow, and it is just a sign of the times when a golf club is considering selling up to a neighbouring cemetery.
There are plenty of golfers who would be keen to be buried on a golf course as we have seen previously in a golf course themed cemetery, but are golfers keen to play golf around the dead?

2 thoughts on “Leaving fairways for dead

  • Well considering elephants go to die where some of my shots end up… I don’t see that as a problem.

  • I had this idea well over a year ago. Just didn’t have the money to buy a golf course. I think it’s a great idea.


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