Larry David rants about Jordan Spieth and golf etiquette

Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David loves, and hates golf.

Co-creator of Seinfeld, and writer and star of curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David has an extreme love/hate with the game of golf and it all comes out for a recent piece in Golf Digest.

Good friend and staff writer for David Letterman, Bill Scheft has posed a few question about golf to Larry David and not surprisingly it’s a hilarious read.

Asked for his thoughts on Jordan Spieth:

He’s going to be a bald man. He’s going to be wildly bald. This makes him way more appealing to me. It’s one thing to handle the pressure of the back nine at Augusta; let’s see how he does when he sees all that hair in the tub. That’s pressure. I’ll be watching him very carefully. He’s 22. He’s got three years, maybe four. He’s done.

And of course there is a bit of ranting about the traditions of the game:

Where do I begin? Taking the hat off at the 18th hole? Let’s talk about that. I’m not doing that. I’m sorry. Another thing: I play with guys who have the four fingers of the glove sticking out of the back pocket. Always four fingers! Has to be four! Look, etiquette has to be observed. You can’t talk when someone is swinging. But I won’t participate in the other stuff.

Read the full article over at Golf Digest: Larry David: Handicap Your Enthusiasm

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