Justin Thomas and Adam Scott took 18 minutes to play one hole

With a place in the FedEx Cup Playoffs on the line, Adam Scott and Justin Thomas spent a lot of time with a rules official at the Wyndham Championship.

There was a lot on the line at the PGA Tour’s Wyndham Championship for Adam Scott and Justin Thomas.

Both players began the tournament sitting outside of the magic top-70 mark – the pre-requisite for a spot in the field at the highly lucrative FedEx Cup playoffs. So, as you could imagine, every shot was vital – every shot counts.

When both players hooked their ball into the penalty area during the third round, Scott and Thomas were keen to ensure their next shot was from the correct, and decent location.

The following discussion with rules officials about where the ball first crossed the hazard took close to 10 minutes – most of it can be seen in the video above. At one point playing partner Shane Lowry was called over for his views on the matter and he wasn’t exactly pleased with how long it took.

“Thanks for making me walk 150 yards,” Lowry can be heard saying.

Scott and Thomas were labelled selfish by one golf commentator by golf commentator, James Gregg who thought both players should have been on the clock or copped some sort of penalty for slow play.

“Nothing annoys me more than players taking, I make it 12 minutes now, maybe even longer, to work out where their ball crossed the hazard line,” Gregg ranted in his video shared on Twitter. “And then when they decide, ‘ooh I don’t like the lie, I think actually it crossed a little bit further up’… not good… Adam Scott and Justin Thomas, incredibly selfish.”

“I mean, I feel sorry for Shane Lowry, he gave himself a really decent look for birdie there, and he was waiting around, he still is waiting around, this is unacceptable.

Scott and Thomas both missed out on a place in the 2023 FedEx Cup Playoffs by one shot.

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