John Daly’s new country music single – “Hit it hard”

A track from John Daly’s 2010 country music album is suddenly getting some airplay again.

In addition to smashing golf balls and cameras, John Daly loves to pick up the ol’ guitar from time to time, and in 2010 he put out a country music album titled “I Only Know One Way”.

Despite the album being released nearly four years ago, the opening track has been getting a bit of recent airplay on country music stations in the USA.

Sing along now…

I hit it hard, man
So far, man
No layin’ up, no holding back
I hit it long, man
‘Til its gone, man

Long John has done a lot of stuff worth criticising over the years with a temper that can’t be subdued. Somehow, I still think he’s a decent bloke and while you could argue he isn’t the greatest musical artist going around, he does a good job on this track.

You buy the album through iTunes, Amazon, or you can listen to the full album via rdio. I’m guessing it’s on Spotify too.

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