John Daly played better drunk

Buried among the golf news this week was the confession from John Daly that he played better golf while he was drunk.
Daly has just released a new book titled “Out of the Rough” and is becoming frustrated with the state of his golf game despite more and more practise. When asked what he has learned in an interview with the Charlotte Observer, Daly looked back on days with the drink with an air of nostalgia:

“That I was happy when I was a miserable drunk. I played better when I was drunk,” he said.

Daly paused, smiled half a smile and gently shook his head.

“I don’t know,” he said. “Sometimes you point your finger at yourself. You can only point your finger at yourself so many times. You look back at yourself and write the pros and cons of your life and the pros outweigh the cons.

“I look at myself and I’m not that bad a guy. I always thought I was the reason the divorces came. I look back and it takes two to do that. It wasn’t all my fault. I played a part in it but I can’t keep blaming myself for everything.”

It is tempting to joke here with something along the lines of “Who hasn’t!?”, but Daly was in a pretty bad way and the thought of him regressing to play better golf is not one we want to see.

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One thought on “John Daly played better drunk

  • I just want him to play well. I’m a fan of John Daly. He adds a little personality to the game of golf. He’s the ultimate “every man.”

    I sometimes think the media wants him to fail so that he can come back and fail again and then come back and then fail again so that they have something to write about. I just want him to come back and do well.


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