Jason Day’s wife injured at NBA game by a stumbling Lebron James: video

A night at the NBA went awry for Jason and Ellie Day, thanks to a tumbling Lebron James.

Jason Day’s wife Ellie, is recovering in hospital after being run over Lebron James after he fell out-of-bounds during the NBA game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oklahoma City Thunder in Cleveland last night.

The 6-foot-8 and 250 pound James smashed into Ellie Day, knocking her chair over and falling on top of her early in the first quarter.

Medical staff monitored Day for several minutes and James returned on several occasions out of concern during the final quarter.

“She squeezed my hand, said she was fine. I think she was just a little weary,” James said after the game.

“It wasn’t anything out of the usual besides the injury, but to me, obviously her health is very important and hopefully she’s doing well. The guys told us she’s doing great now.”

Jason and Ellie Day live in Ohio and regularly attend Cavs games. and Ellie Day recently gave birth to their second child and is reportedly doing well in hospital under observation for the night.

A smiling Day family, as tweeted by Jason Day before the incident with Lebron James.

What I would’ve given to be going out to NBA games not long after the birth of our second child.

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