Jason Day’s vertigo diagnosed as viral ear infection

Look for Jason Day to be in good form at St.Andrews after his bout with vertigo has finally been diagnosed and treated.

Ben Everill has reported that the cause of Jason Day’s vertigo has been diagnosed as a viral ear infection.

The diagnosis came after a battery of test and Day says that he is now being treated for the infection and should be in good shape for next week’s Open Championship at St.Andrews;

He has been placed on medication until at least October, and possibly for the rest of his career, to stop the virus ramping up and causing another episode.

Day says it is a small price to pay to keep his career moving ahead.

“It was attacking one of the nerves in my ear and I have some damage there right now but I am on viral meds to suppress it from growing and reproducing,” Day said ahead of his Thursday flight to Scotland for the Open at St Andrews.

“The medication shouldn’t affect me in an adverse way for my golf game so I am feeling good about that.

Day had been battling dizziness for some months and culminated in his fall at the US Open last month.

The world’s number eight ranked golfer has not played since his remarkable effort at Chambers Bay but let’s hope Day can put these troubles behind him and put himself in contention for his first major championship win at St.Andrews.

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