Jason Day takes on ping pong champion

On the PGA Tour, the most popular way to pass the time (apart from playing golf) is playing table tennis.
At most PGA tour events there is usually a ping pong table around somewhere. During rain delay’s or when players have simply had enough practice, the table is often in full use. Fredrick Jacobsen is reportedly the best player on tour but many are pretty good including Adam Scott, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. 
US National table tennis team player Grant Li has been around the Cog Hill Clubhouse for this week’s BMW Championship and Aussie journalist Ben Everill captured a few videos (see below) of Jason Day taking him on.

Everill had a nice piece in the SMH yesterday reporting on Allenby’s vow to play aggressive this week. Check it out.

One thought on “Jason Day takes on ping pong champion

  • Nice way to wait for the rain to pass, can’t see my club putting one in though.


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