Jason Day helps a caddie who broke his ankle walking around bunker

Jason Day was about to play a shot when his playing partner’s caddie broke his ankle.

Golf Australia’s Mark Hayes has filed an amazing story of a caddie breaking his ankle walking around a bunker, just before Jason Day was about to play his shot in a practice round before this week’s US Open at Oakmont.

Hayes reports that Jason Day was playing a Tuesday practice round with American Chris Crawford with the drama unfolded. As Day was about to play a bunker show, Crawford’s caddie was scurrying around the bunker to get out of the way when his ankle snapped.

“It was unbelievable,” Day said of the drama that unfolded around him.

“He was walking around the bunker pretty quick to get out of my way, I think, and he fell down a little bit and I hear this “snap” and I thought that sounded weird,” Day said.

“I turned around and he said, `Jason, I’ve just snapped my ankle’. I said, `What?’ and he said it again, `I’ve snapped my ankle. I’m OK, so you go ahead’. He was actually asking me to hit.

“I was, `Mate, I’m not going to hit, I’m going to try to get a medic over here’. He asked me if I could call my wife over, so we called her and the medic and then he was taken care of.”

It’s clear that the rough at Oakmont Country Club is deep, really deep. But it’s not clear whether it was the grass or the steep slope around the bunker that was to blame here. Probably a mixture of both.

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