Jason Day and Adam Scott make ESPN’s World Fame 100 top ranking athletes list

We love a list. And we have two Australian golfers on this list.

Australian golfers Jason Day and Adam Scott have become the first two Australians to make it on ESPN’s World Fame 100 list of the world’s top ranking athletes.

For what it’s worth, Day and Scott ranked 85th and 98th on the list that is led by football’s Cristiano Ronaldo and NBA star Lebron James. The annual list ranks athletes with “a formula that combines endorsements with social media following and internet search popularity.”

Interestingly, two other golfers who aren’t exactly on top of their game right now made the top-10; Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

ESPN World Fame 100 Top 10

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
2. Lebron James
3. Lionel Messi
4. Roger Federer
5. Phil Mickelson
6. Neymar
7. Usain Bolt
8. Kevin Durant
9. Rafael Nadal
10. Tiger Woods

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