Jack Nicklaus doesn’t understand why Titleist would be against rolling back the golf ball

Jack Nicklaus was interviewed by the media ahead of this week’s Honda Classic PGA Tour event and he was asked about the debate about rolling back the golf ball.

For context, there is growing momentum for golf’s ruling bodies to step in and apply come restrictions on the golf ball which would limit how far it can be hit. Many golf courses are being made redundant as professionals and low handicappers hit the ball further forcing some clubs to lengthen their golf courses.

While its recognised that technology (and fitness) has also played a part in forcing clubs to lengthen their golf courses, limiting the golf ball would be a good start in ensuring golf courses aren’t built ridiculously long, and keep the time it play a round of golf to a reasonable time. Ideally four hours or less.

It’s a commonly held belief that ball manufacturers would not like to see these restriction put in place but Jack Nicklaus thinks otherwise.

“I don’t understand why Titleist would be against it. I know they are, but I don’t understand why you would be against it,” Nicklaus said. “They make probably the best product. If they make the best product, whether it’s 20 percent shorter what difference would it make? Their market share isn’t going to change a bit. They are still going to dominate the game.”

“For the good of the game, we need to play this game in about three and a half hours.”

H/T Geoff Shackelford.

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