It’s world urban golf day tomorrow!

Ever wanted to take golf to the streets?

In case you didn’t know, it’s Urban Golf Day tomorrow and the Australian Urban Golf group will be teeing off around the streets of Newcastle tomorrow morning (October 8, 2012).

Urban Golf takes golf to the streets, literally. It is essentially golf played on the streets with very few rules and even less focus on scoring. It seems to be all about the thrill of just bashing the golf ball around the city streets.

There are some rules in place when a car is in the way and when you are out-of-bounds (i.e. on someone’s property) and some negative strokes is awarded for a “skill” shot. (i.e. off the power lines or into a letterbox)

If you ignore the potential damage that could be caused, it’s sounds like a load of fun! Actually, there are special Urban Golf balls to be used so the damage is limited.
If you want more information head on over to the Australian Urban Golf website or turn up tomorrow and check it out for yourself.

This year Australia’s portion of World Urban Golf Day will be held on Saturday 8th September in Newcastle NSW Australia. We are a not for profit organisation which relies heavily on its sponsors and affiliates. All proceeds from our events are given directly to Father Chris Riley’s Youth off The Streets program and ALL proceeds are spent in our local area.

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