iPhone app teaches you to swing like Tiger

The Tiger Woods marketing arm is still working hard. An iPhone app has been released that teaches you how to swing the golf club like Tiger Woods.
After some serious knee issues and three swing changes in the past decade, I’d be fairly careful about what part of Tiger’s swing you want to replicate but it does look slick.

The application video-captures your own swing and compares specific swing positions against Tiger’s in order to provide feedback. It is tempting to write this app off as just a Tiger Woods Inc marketing ploy but it works well and is great for understanding your own golf swing.

I know someone who could have used this last weekend.

The Tiger Woods iPhone app retails for $12.99 and is also is compatible on the iPad

Tiger Woods iPhone app

2 thoughts on “iPhone app teaches you to swing like Tiger

  • As good as MIRROR, just that MIRROR is cheaper… I have discovered it on golfacademytv.com for the one interested..

  • That is the first thing that came to my mind what swing.


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