Inside Golf piece: The golf trip yips

In addition to the daily running’s of Aussie Golfer, I also write a monthly column for Inside Golf magazine.

Here is a snippet from the June issue about the trials and tribulations of a mates golf trip:

If we’re talking about a golf trip that has had at least six months of planning (primarily to give each golfer plenty of time to etch the event into the family calendar) then the anticipation will be palpable. Sleep will be lost on the night before the trip; the heart racing at a pace that only US Masters contenders can possibly relate to.
And what about the idea of holding bragging rights over your golfing mates for a full year? On the back of the revelations about peptide abuse in the professional sporting world, The Golf Trip Champion is now one of the most respected titles in world sport, and your mates will be bringing over the expensive imported beer at your next BBQ.

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