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I’ve always thought big cities need indoor golf fun parks. Not full 18 holes or even the regular driving range but some sort of arena where you can practise your game but have some fun with the work colleagues over a long lunch or before you head home. Turn the golf concept on its head a bit. Make the holes 1 metre in diameter, provide targets which light up and set off fireworks to tell the whole centre you made a great shot. A little like the shooting gallery in Tiger Woods ’05 game if I remember rightly.

I do realise the problems with all this, much like real golf you need space. A big old warehouse perhaps. I just read about this Indoor Golf Arena planned for a spot in Holland which is quite a mammoth structure and looks incredible.

2 thoughts on “Indoor golf

  • Dear Aussie Golfer,

    Surely if anything you are failing to let your imagination really run wild.

    Maybe not 18 holes however why not nine holes housed in a giant three level building the size of Aussie Stadium. Each hole made from the latest in synthetic turf, made in such a way that each hole can be easily reconfigured to a different layout.

    The latest in tracking technology meaning that each player, and each ball the player uses are tracked to the nearest cm, 50 cameras on each hole allowing for greatest moments and failures to be played over and over again on numerous monitors, emailed directly to you or sent to your pro for analysis. Giant scoreboards tracking progress for the minute, day, month of all competitors.

    Wind generators allow for conditions to be created that make this years British Open seem like cake walk.

    Gone are water hazards, replaced by the travelator bringing the ball all the way back to you. Or like snakes and ladders a bad lie suddenly sees you on the green when one of the randon air guysers blows your ball an extra 50 feet after appearing to land in the rough.

    All weather proof and lots of fun.


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