In Ur Ear at the golf

More so than any other sport, people who attend golf tournaments can be completely in the dark as to who is winning. What was the huge cheer on the other side of the course for? Last weekend at the Australian Open, Aussie Golfer along with many others knew exactly what was happening thanks to this cool device which I just have to plug.
InUrEar is a small devices that fits around your ear and broadcasts the audio from the TV broadcast. In the case of the Australian Open and this weeks Australia PGA Championship the audio feed comes from Channel Ten. Anyone who had bought an InUrEar knew exactly what was going on at different points on the course, who was winning as well as watching the golf right in front of them.
InUrEar will be up in Coolum at the Australian PGA Championsip this week. I’d strongly urge you to grab one as you stroll around to be the person who seems to know everything.

One thought on “In Ur Ear at the golf

  • These devices are great – really improved the day out at the Aust Open . Adam


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