“I had one concept in my head… I was really calm”

Jessica Korda gives us an insight as to what was going on in her head moments before she nailed the birdie putt to win the Women’s Australian Open today at Royal Melbourne.

By Andrea Petrie
Jessica Korda won the Australian Open today in dramatic fashion. The 18-year-old birdied the second playoff hole which featured a remarkable six golfers to claim the title.
Korda said she was as she stood over the putt on the 74th hole she was thinking “really clearly”.

“I had one concept in my head… I was really calm. I knew what the putt did because I’d had it before and it did not move. I was a little higher up and more to the right. I knew the line and I knew the speed. All I had to do was just hit it. It started breaking. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness no, don’t lip out, don’t break too early’,” she said. “I don’t even know what side of the hole it hit. I was overwhelmed by everything.”

She said the win was proof that her hard work in the off season, after some down times last year, had paid off.
“It is all worth it,” she said. “It made me grow up. It made me realise that you’ve got to change your life to live out here and this is proof. I know that all the hard hours I put in and will keep putting in are really worth it. Every moment.”

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