How far do you walk on the golf course?

Here is why you feel so knackered after walking 18 holes.

I played a round of golf with Richard Fellner from Inside Golf recently and he was tracking how far he walked during a round of golf. Not simply from tee to green, but between holes, on the practice green and a stroll into the pro shop before the game. Basically, from the point you get out of your car in the carpark and back after a round.
The results are fascinating and go some way to explaining just how tired some of us feel after a round of golf.

“During a standard 18-hole round (measuring the distance walked from the first tee through to the 18th green) each golfer in our test walked around 8.5km. When we added the off-course measurements (Carpark, clubhouse, practice area) the total was closer to a whopping 9.5km!”

I’m supposed to be playing a couple of rounds per day at Barnbougle in a few weeks. I’m tired just thinking about it already.
Richard and the team at Inside Golf are looking for volunteers to expand the study to “create what may be a World’s First smartphone study into the distance walked during a round of golf.” 
Check out the full article “How far do you REALLY walk during 18 holes?” to see how you can get involved.

3 thoughts on “How far do you walk on the golf course?

  • Yes that doesn’t surprise me because the golf course itself is usually around 6 – 7 kilometres.

    But adding in all the sideways walking like looking for golf balls etc. it always feels like a lot longer.

    This is what makes golf such a great form of exercise because you get to enjoy the game as well as getting a good workout at the same time.

  • Plus when you consider all the effort involved in lugging around a bag, and actually hitting your shots, it’s no wonder a nice “relaxing” round often feels like such hard work!

  • I have a smartphone but do not have access to the internet to use an “App”, i have a Garmin Approach S1 watch GPS. I regularly use the odometer feature when playing a round at my course Muirfield which is usally between 8 to 9 Km, I played at Stonebridge near Cessnock, which was about 9 to 10 Km to walk that course.
    Hope this is the kind of fedback you are looking for & that it will assist in your survey


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