How do you deal with cheating on the golf course?

If James Bond couldn’t deal with a cheat on the golf course without resorting to cheating himself, what hope do the rest of us have?

My latest column for GolfLink delves into the murky world of cheating on the golf course.

While I wouldn’t say cheating in golf is a pressing issue like slow play, it does tend to rear its ugly head from time to time and confronting a cheat is not an easy thing to do.

Some may suggest that confronting blatant cheating as soon as you see it happen is ideal, but if it’s just your word against your playing partner’s, then things can become a little tricky, not to mention, tense.

And what if it’s a golfer you know well? A friend or regular playing partner? This sort of accusation can end friendships or memberships or for anyone aiming for the pro tours, sponsorships.

Check out the full article at GolfLink.

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