‘Grow the Game Central’ is launched to get more people playing golf

A new website has launched that aims to get more people playing the game of golf.

In an effort to combat a decline in the number of people playing golf, Golf Industry Central has today launched a new initiative called Grow The Game Central aiming to get people back playing the game.

The website aims to create a world-wide community of like-minded people banding together to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to play the game of golf and tackle challenges such as declining participation, the ageing demographic of players and to attract a new generation of golfers.

“Many grow the game initiatives being trialled today have great merit but don’t garner enough financial support to get off the ground,” said Golf Industry Central Director Mike Orloff. “Our Grow The Game Central web platform has been designed to connect anyone who is serious about growing the game and making a difference.”

The project aims to encourage anyone with a love for the game (not just those working within the golf industry) to have a say in how to grow the game in an age when less and less people have the time to commit to long rounds of golf and expensive memberships.

“It’s time individual golfers, clubs, facilities and commercial entities all take a more active role in promoting and ensuring the ongoing health of our sport,” said Mr Orloff. “Grow The Game Central is all about taking a ‘grass roots’, ‘bottom up’ approach to supporting the numerous grow the game initiatives happening worldwide.”

“We are utilising modern approaches such as “crowdsourcing” and “crowdfunding” to help overcome some of the problems and move closer to achieving our vision: A world with too many golfers.”

To get involved in Grow The Game Central, anyone can join the on-line forum to discuss what is happening locally and internationally, contribute news or best practices, and support initiatives happening around the world.

For more information visit www.GrowTheGameCentral.com

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