Great golf podcast episodes you should listen to

If you’re not playing golf over the summer break, here are a handful of great episodes from great Australian golf podcasts you should wrap your ears around. 

With the Christmas break around the corner, what better time to sit back and indulge in a few golf podcasts.

And rather than suggesting just golf podcasts, we’re going to be more specific and recommend particular episodes from some of Australia’s best golf podcasts.

It should serve as a good introduction – you can go delving into other episodes if you like what you hear. And if there are any others we’ve missed that you think should be included, we will happily add them below. So let us know!

Here is our list of must-listen Australian golf podcast episodes from 2020.

On Her Game – Sam Quires | Karrie Webb interview | Spotify, iTunes
Sam Squires won the prestigious 2020 Australian Golf Media Association Award for the Best Reportage of Women’s Golf for her interview with Karrie Webb on the On Her Game podcast.

Described by the judges as “a brilliant example of the interviewers’ craft” this is a fabulous, intimate interview with arguably Australia’s greatest golfer. We particularly loved Webb’s thoughts on getting more women into golf and her story of accidentally wearing a cap inside an Australian golf club.

The Good-Good Golf Podcast | All About Seve Spotify, iTunes
Also an Australian Golf Media Award Winner for Best Aural Presentation, Rod Morri chats to former caddie Billy Foster, 6-time European Tour winner Tony Johnstone and Mike Clayton to discuss the late, great Seve Ballesteros.

If you’re already a fan of Seve or often wondered why the Spaniard is still so revered, this fantastic listening and one of the funniest golf podcasts we’ve heard. The storytelling from Billy Foster, in particular, is absolute gold.

My Love of Golf Podcast | Erik Anders Lang Spotify, iTunes
Ross Flannigan is fast becoming one of Australia’s most prolific golf podcasters with several podcasts under his belt including The Mental Mastery Golf podcast and The Golf Rules Questions podcast but we particularly enjoy his My Love of Golf podcast that delves into our love of the game.

Flannigan has chatted to a range of great people about their love of golf including AFL player Shaun Higgins, Golf Industry Central’s Mike Orloff, and former Australian PGA champion Daniel Popovic but we loved the chat with Erik Anders Lang who’s normally the person doing the interviewing.

Lang has made a huge impact on golfers worldwide, exposing the passion many of us have for golf to a wider audience. Lang’s views on Australian golf are always a great reminder of how good we have golf down here.

Inside The Ropes | The Aussie Golf Round Table Whooshka, Spotify, iTunes
Perhaps one of the most important podcast episodes of the year saw Inside The Ropes’ Andy Maher, Mark Hayes, Mike Clayton and Martin Blake assemble some important people from across the Australian golf industry to chat about the future of golf.

The discussion with Peter O’Malley, Karen Lunn, Nick Dastey, Simon Brookhouse and Alison Whitaker is a must-listen for everyone concerned with the future of golf we love and a blueprint for protecting the game we love.

Tenuous Links | ‘Designing Minds’: Mike Cocking Interview Spotify, iTunes
We’ve heard Mike Cocking about golf and golf course design before and always wanted to hear more. So when Cocking sat down with Golf Barons’ Philip Wall to talk more about his progression from golfer to golf course designer, we were all ears. And we weren’t disappointed.

Cocking is an engaging interview and Phil does a great job teasing out some great stories and thoughts on great golf architecture.

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