GolfPunk magazine is back with a new online look

The UK’s GolfPunk magazine is back in print with a funky new way of reading it.

Each time I’ve travelled to the UK over the past few years I always hunt down a copy of the latest GolfPunk magazine. It’s a slightly irreverent look at the game with a bias towards making sure the game looks cool. Fashion and the latest technology that make the game hip is their priority and it’s a refreshing read. I can’t help but feel I’m one of the ‘in crowd’ after reading this golf mag.

The magazine disappeared for a while but they’ve relaunched along with a very cool way of reading it online. Tablets such as the iPad have certainly revolutionised how digital magazines can be read but those using standard ol’ browsers have been left behind a little bit. 
GolfPunk have this in mind and if you check out the first re-launch issue, you’ll find a slightly new, much better way to browse. Left, right and up, down arrows are key now. Plenty of extra links and information as well as some shots of Anna Rawson wearing very little.

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