Golfing World’s preview of Chambers Bay Golf Club: video

Chambers Bay will host next week’s US Open and it’s going to ruffle some feathers.

Next week’s US Open will be a unique one. The 115th staging of the tournament will be hosted at Chambers Bay Golf Club, a Robert Trent Jones Jr designed links style golf course on the coast Washington State.

With the widest fairways of any course to ever host a US Open, this golf course is all about positioning off the tee to get the right line, or the right miss into the flagstick.

The course looks absolutely spectacular, it’s going to be great viewing and I love the fact anyone can play the course at any time. But not all the professionals are looking forward to playing it.

John Paul Newport wrote a great piece on the golf course; Chambers Bay: Designed to Irritate the Pros.

The pros are griping because week in and week out they make their living playing golf in a certain way, and Chambers Bay doesn’t favor that way.

It’s well worth a read and it seems Ian Poulter didn’t like it without ever stepping foot on the fairways after hearing poor reports from other professionals.

And Ryan Palmer doesn’t think it’s a championship golf course (whatever that means);

“As far as the greens are concerned, it’s not a championship golf course,” said Ryan Palmer, a straight talking Texan and standup guy who played Chambers Bay on Monday before heading to Wednesday’s opening day of the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Match Play at TPC Harding Park. “Not with the way some of the greens are and the pin placements they can put out there.”

This is going to be great fun.

One thought on “Golfing World’s preview of Chambers Bay Golf Club: video

  • Yep all the courses Trent-Jones Jnr has designed have these mini Golf type greens that you either have a hump the size of a small elephant in the middle of the green (St Andrews Mornington Peninsula) or the National where you have to land the ball of the back of the green so it rolls down to the pin I can mention all his designs in Australia that are crap. I spoke to TJj at the opening of one of his courses in Melbourne and he said he fashioned this particular green on a particular hole at Carnoustie which was where I grew up and played a lot, the only trouble was that his green had all the slopes but was a fraction of the size so it made the green Micky Mouse crazy golf.
    This 2015 USGA championship will be a disaster.
    The man lives off his great fathers reputation and has little or no understanding of how to play golf!


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