Golfer hopes to bring more people to competitive putting

Practising your putting under pressure is hard to replicate, so maybe competitive putting can help.

Golfer Mariusz Gancarz believes that putting competitions should be a norm at golf courses to engage new golfers and test the putting skills of experienced golfers under pressure.

Gancarz created a putting game called SuperPutt, which he first played at his home club with a friend and he now wants to spread the word about the game so people can improve their putting and have an entertaining golf experience.

“The short-format golf is key to getting people to play more golf,” Gancarz told Aussie Golfer. “There should be more options for people to get engaged with golf and both private and public golf course across Australia”.<

The idea is that you can set up SuperPutt at your local golf club and golfers can compete for prizes across the course of a day. Via the SuperPutt website:

You can enter the competition and play with someone for a daily rate of $10 for 3 rounds.
With multiple players entering the competition, prizes are available to win at the end of each day for players who submit the lowest scores and for conquering the course!

Read about the game here and try it at your own golf club –

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