Golfer DQ’s himself from PGA Tour Q-School, six days later

Would you DQ yourself six days after a golf tournament?

An American golfer by the name of Blayne Barber has dreams of making it to the PGA Tour like every other golfer. He was well on his way to the second stage of PGA Tour qualifying last week by easily passing the first stage with five shots to spare. But an incident during the second round played on his mind.

He informed his caddy and playing partners that he believed he had moved a leaf while attempting to play a shot from a bunker. His caddy didn’t believe the leaf moved but he penalised himself a shot all the same and moved on.

It wasn’t until after the round that a fellow golfer informed him the penalty for moving an immovable object in a bunker was two shots, not one.

Despite a potential lucrative, life-changing career ahead of him had he progressed even further into qualifying, the incident didn’t sit well with Barber and he rang the tour and disqualified himself six days after the event had finished.

The fall-out from his disqualification means that six other golfers who had previously missed out on advancing will now be at second stage qualifying – including Australia’s Jamie Arnold. 

Check the full story at Golfweek and consider whether you’d do the same thing.

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