A few weeks ago Aussie Golfer reported on a proposed indoor golf arena in The Netherlands but here’s a slightly skewed version of the game of golf I came across when in New Zealand a year ago. Driving around the countryside in this wonderful country, my eye caught some strange goalpost type things littered across a field. Thinking it was yet another oddity from our easterly neighbours I didn’t think much of it until another field of these goalpost structures appeared, this time with golfers walking about.

It turned out this game is called GolfCross. The website has full details on this game but it’s basically a cross between lacrosse, rugby and golf. Played with an oval shaped golf ball, you play with regular clubs and attempt to get it in the net which lies between the posts. While a “drop punt” style shot won’t go as far as a regular golf ball the oval shaped ball allows for trick shots to be played which can veer around corners depending on how you line up the ball on the tee.

Aussie Golfer unfortunately did not play GolfCross but would like to try it out sometime. It’s odd and probably not unlike something that would be played in Middle Earth. Has anyone played before?

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