GolfBuddy launch new talking GPS rangefinder

GolfBuddy announces the launch of the newest addition to its Voice Line, the VS4 Talking GPS.

GolfBuddy are one of the leaders when it comes to golf GPS rangefinders and for a few years they’ve been perfecting the talking distance finder.

Just in time for summer, they’ve just released the VS4, the latest release in their Voice Line a new GPS devices.

From the press release:

The new easy-to-use design enables users to hear the distance to the front, centre and back of the green from their point of view, at the touch of a button – giving golfers reliable distance readings so that they have complete confidence and knowledge of the course.

The VS4 has a RRP of $189.95 and comes complete with the best of GolfBuddy’s hallmarked features.

These include:

Dynamic Green View: distances always directly from the golfer’s angle of approach
Preloaded with 37,000+ global courses worldwide
Automatic course & hole recognition
Shot Distance measurement

Strangely enough, the GolfBuddy Voice first popped up on my radar when I had a chance encounter with Wilbur Wilde a few years ago – of Hey, Hey It’s Saturday fame.

He was enamoured with the device which can discretely stick on to the brim of your hat. Whenever you need a reading, you click the button and the distance is read out to you.

This new GolfBuddy Voice VS4 line look great and at just 29 grams (including battery), it can be worn in five different ways – on the wrist, attached to a retractable cord, or clipped to a hat, belt or shirt pocket. Its got 10 hour battery life too.

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