Golf Trivia – Monday Rulings

Not so much trivia this week but a little brush up on the rules from something that arose during a round of golf yesterday. A fellow golfer sculled a ball (not me of course!) across the green, straight over the flag and into the water on the other side.

The distance from where the shot was taken was closer to the pin than where it entered the water.

When entering a hazard the normal rule states that a 1-shot penalty is taken and a drop is taken anywhere along the line of entry into the hazard, no closer the hole.

What would the ruling be here?

2 thoughts on “Golf Trivia – Monday Rulings

  • My interpretation would be, that he is to take the closest point of relief no nearer the hole, so he either walks around the water until he has relief no nearer the hole or the ball is declared unplayable and he returns to the closest possible location of the original shot and plays again with a one shot penalty!

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