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Aussie Golfer picked up a golf magazine recently which had no less than 16 articles on how to improve your golf game! They ranged from longer drives to straighter putts. It’s just too much and the magazine was promptly put aside as I could feel my golf swing getting more and more confused the longer I read.

Golf magazine’s seem to be as popular as ever and Aussie Golfer has a few favourite’s (Australian Golf Digest and GolfPunk) but you can recognise the golfers that read the magazines which are full to the brim of “how to” articles. The tweaks and ticks that go on and on before a shot is played is excruciating to watch and these magazines are partly to blame.

We’ve all experienced the pleasure of striking the ball beautifully the first game back from a long layoff from golf right? No expectations, nothing on the mind and the swing is going on nothing but feel.

A good professional will give you only one or two things to go away and work on after a lesson and the same should go for golfing tips from a magazine. Occasionally a tip from a golf magazine can be just what you are looking for but if you’re really looking to improve your personal golf game then you should go and get a lesson from a pro.

4 thoughts on “Golf magazines

  • Not to mention the tips can be contradictory from month to month!

    But you are right about seeing a teaching professional. For about the cost of the latest driver, you can improve most facets of your game.

  • was this article sponsored by the Australian Golf Professional Association… I suggest many of us would benifit more by going to sports phychologist.. herb.

  • Ha! It’s all me Herb, it’s all from me.

    It’s funny you mention sponsorship emails often arrive in the inbox asking to pitch a product. I’ll make full disclosure if I move into that territory.

    Maybe the Australian Professional Sports Psychologists are interested…

  • This is a very good point. But I’ve recently played two rounds with two different mates that have just finished a session, or series of sessions from a pro and shot horrible scores.

    One in particular was interesting, where my mate is always consistent, slight fade from an akward swing, but it worked. Went for the lesson, and came out and could hardly get the ball off the ground. After 4 woeful holes he reverts to his old swing and shoots 3 pars in a row….

    Horses for courses…


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