Golf in the City

Aussie Golfer attempts to be as on the “on the ball” as possible but was a little late to react to this one. Possibly because this event was held in London on the other side of the earth. It was held last week and it’s just way too cool to ignore in hindsight.

It’s a man-made par 3 golf hole constructed on the Thames at Canary Wharf in London with a variety of different tee positions. Colin Montgomerie was there to promote it and was a huge success. Check out the photos at the official Golf in the City website, it looks like great fun.

So who’s gonna help me get one set up in Darling Harbour? Docklands maybe? On the Swan or the Torrens? I’ll settle for the Wolloongabba if there’s any takers.

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One thought on “Golf in the City

  • Good call AG, lot to be said for a well run driving range the one near MacQuarie Uni seems to just print money. I believe you can buy insurance for the cost of an actual hole in one and this can be mitigated if you make the hole smaller than standard. herb


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