Golf holes to impress

Check out these photos from the Oak Village Golf Club in Ichihara, Japan. They were posted at the Golf To Impress website, as part of a review of the course by one of their correspondents.
Designed by Desmond Muirhead, it just looks too amazing not to share here at Aussie Golfer. Note that the first photo below is a par-4. That is the primary fairway you can see in the middle of the lake.

The 5th hole. A 366yd par-4, known as “The Lake District”.
The 8th hole. A 179yd par-3, known as “The Sangreal”.

2 thoughts on “Golf holes to impress

  • The name “Sangreal” for the par 3 is pretty cool.

    If you have read the Da Vinci Code, Sangreal is another name for The Holy Grail.

    Check out the position of the green and the shape of the lake.


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