Golf course closures: Does golf have an image problem?

Another thoughtful, must-read piece from Rod Morri in this month’s Golf Australia Magazine suggesting recent golf course closures may be due to golf’s image problem.

Morri explores the recent closure of yet another Australian public golf course, Sydney’s Hudson Park golf course this time, and wonders if golf needs a lobby group to make a case for keeping public golf courses in a way that provides for the wider community at the same time.

Hudson Park represents an enormous missed opportunity for public golf in Australia. With some creative thinking and a bit of sensible investment the game – and the broader community – could have benefitted enormously.

Winter Park in Florida has proved public golf can positively co-exist within communities and it is a model that needs to be re-created in Australia.

Instead, Strathfield Council has added its name to the list of short-sighted local government entities to have missed the chance to build something that could have not only made a financial return but been the envy – and the model – for other councils around the country.

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