Golf club groove changes

Are you a highly skilled professional golfer? Some groovy news has just been announced by the USGA and the R&A which could soon affect your game!

After extensive research it has been found the current limitations enforced on grooves in clubs with a loft greater than 26 degrees (usually a 5-iron and above) have been giving professional golfers far too much advantage when playing from the rough. The new restrictions to come into effect for professional tournaments from 2010 will place limitations on the cross sectional area of the grooves and limit groove edge sharpness. This will reduce the amount of backspin applied to the ball making it more difficult to land softly on the green.

It’s an indirect way of getting the pro’s to stop hitting it as long off the tee, giving a tougher shot if they stray. Gear up for more irons off the tee in the 2010 US Open.

Photo courtesy of Golf Digest

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