Golf Australia suspends changes to handicapping

Golf Australia has announced that it will suspend all implementation of the current roll out of changes to the new handicapping system. 
In light of negative feedback to the latest changes (social rounds used for handicapping, changes to fourball handicapping);

“…the Board has now decided to suspend the implementation of the Second Package of Changes to the Australian Handicap System for an indefinite period.

This period of time will allow GA to: Complete our discussions with the USGA and analyse the outcome of these discussions. In response to the queries and requests from Clubs, provide further detail on the USGA Handicap System. Once the desired detail has been provided and our discussions with the USGA have concluded, we will survey all Australian Clubs and State Associations in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of views regarding the US System.”

This does NOT mean the changes to the handicapping system (best 10 of 20 rounds) will be rolled back.
I’m pretty disappointed by this. I assume the negative feedback related to the option to include social rounds – despite the round must be officially scored by another golfer and pre-designated for handicapping prior to beginning the round.
I’ve heard from some pro shop staff that they don’t like the idea because it will require more work. I’ve also heard golfers say it will lead to an increase of cheating. The first argument is just a fear of work, the second is an unfounded fear. I fail to see how cheating will increase. The situation on course will be no different to a regular competition round. 
Bummer. I was looking forward to playing against my handicap in the upcoming warm summer evenings like you can in most other golfing countries.

4 thoughts on “Golf Australia suspends changes to handicapping

  • It’s disappointing that Golf Australia didn’t anticipate the degree of negative feedback before attempting to implement the second round of changes. It doesn’t look great about the integrity of the system if you go out with changes and then have to suspend implementation.

  • In NZ we have been running our handicap system like this for ages and it works great! I dont understand why Australia is having issues with it. Social rounds counting for handicaps is how it should be done so that every round you play counts in the system. Then the best 10 of 20 make up your handicap.
    Get it sorted Aussies.

  • Agreed Cam. It’s ridiculous. Just about the rest of the world has the system you guys are on and there’s no complaints.

    My theory is it lies in the terminology. Social rounds right now are considered a bit of slap and tickle. Drop a few balls, hit a few putts, get around and have some fun.

    The thing is when ‘social rounds’ are included and count to your handicap (as designated before the round) it no longer becomes a ‘social round’!

    I’ll stop and explain more in a post.

  • Well it is just typical of an organization who have too many fingers in the pie. They want to pretend they are on top of administering the rules of golf (which clearly they have a problem with in their latest press releases informing golfers falsely of amateur status issues). Without thought they implement ideas to bolster golflink , not golf, as they are charged with the responsibility of doing. Can someone please tell me what they have done to increase the number of social golfers joining clubs as is there primary role? Every idea they come up with is to gain more income for golflink and that is their current role. They do not work “with” the industry, they work in competition to it, because of their involvement with golflink. (To advertise on Golflink you first must be approved by Golflink partners–Golf Australia) That’s a bit rich.


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