Geoff Ogilvy on Augusta National

Don’t miss this great bit of golf writing from none other than, Geoff Ogilvy.

Geoff Ogilvy occasionally pens a piece for Golf Digest magazine and this month he’s written a column on the course set-up at Augusta National.

The article mentions stuff I’m guessing most of us would never have considered before, including which way the fairways are cut, what looks best on TV and the differential between fringe and green speed.

“Actually, that slowness plays a much more significant role in the short game, especially chipping. Because the grass is always running against you, the fringes are much more passive than the putting surfaces. I’ll bet the speed differential between fringe and green at Augusta National is bigger than anywhere else in golf. All of which makes judging exactly where to land the ball unbelievably tricky. It’s why so many guys struggle from just off the greens at the Masters.”

Long known as a golf geek, Ogilvy’s views on golf course design and setup are always fascinating read. Catch the whole article over at Golf Digest: Masters Officials Don’t Overlook Anything With Course Setup.

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