Geoff Ogilvy and hickory golf: video

Ogilvy and Clayton play golf as it used to be played.

This post was lost in the rough at Aussie Golfer, but we think it is still worth sharing.

It is a video from Geoff Shackleford who had the fortune to play a bit of hickory golf in Scotland some time ago now.

He played alongside Geoff Ogilvy, Mike Clayton and John Huggan.

In Shackleford’s own words:

This past spring, I played a little 2,000-yard jewel box of a course near St. Andrews called Kingarrock. The experience felt straight out of an episode of Downton Abbey. The course was designed to be played with hickories and the vintage Haskell ball. After playing a few holes, I looked at a 300-yard par-four in exactly the same way I would a 400-yarder using all modern stuff. And on the one occasion that I outdrove my playing partner, I felt exactly the same way I would have otherwise.

The simplicity and genuine fun in using old golf equipment is perfectly captured in this montage of the day.

If you feel the need to experience the way golf used to be played, Australia’s oldest golf course, Ratho Golf Links in Tasmania is the perfect place to do it.

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