From the Rough – golf movie trailer

There is a golf movie on the horizon which looks like it may be half decent, something that doesn’t happen very often, if ever.

See the full trailer below.
“From the Rough” looks like it has a good cast featuring a number of Academy Award nominees. The film is based on a true story of a the only woman to coach a men’s Div I college golf team, Catana Starks. She also coached Tiger Woods’ current coach, Sean Foley.
Given the history of golf movies, it is easy to be sceptical. I’m not even convinced Caddyshack was much of a movie apart from a few well-known, classic scenes thanks largely to Bill Murray.
It is due for release later this year in the US but no word on when or whether it will be released to the cinemas in Australia. 
Get more info from official From the Rough website. Tip of the visor to Geoff Shackleford.

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