Friday afternoon PGA Championship thoughts

A few late Friday afternoon thoughts on the PGA Championship so far.
  1. It is so much nicer to have a few Australians in the mix at a major after the first round.
  2. This is the second major in a row where no New Zealand golfer will miss the cut.
  3. Before Jason Day’s first round performance, this report from the department of “WTF” was doing the rounds.

    “Several Australians did not set foot on the course Monday, including Jason Day, whose flight from Ohio was delayed nearly two hours. Day and wife Ellie were stuck in the back row of a cramped 57-seat regional jet, their two dachshunds travelling as carry-on in bags under the seat.”

  4. The official PGA Championship website is the best I have seen for any major golf tournament. Among other things, a selection video highlights can be selected for golfers via the tournament leaderboard. An example of Jason Day’s round one video highlights are shown below. This is what we expect form tournament golf coverage in the 21st century. Keep an eye on on it over the weekend.

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