Fines, slow play and quitters

There’s a couple of interesting stories floating around the world of professional golf at the moment.

The first concerns the WGC event last week and the battle between Tiger Woods and Padraig Harringon. The pair were warned for slow play at the 16th tee as they were 17 mins behind schedule. Harrington went on to make a triple-bogey after chipping into the water from a tough green-side lie. Tiger went on to win by four shots.

Tiger Woods made some comments regarding the hurry-up in his post-game interviews and has reportedly been fined for making disparaging remarks. He claimed Harrington would have spent much longer assessing the chip had they not received the warning and potentially may not have recorded the snowman. It’s cause for thought but 17 mins behind is pretty slow.

The thing I find most annoying about this is that we see once again the preciousness of the PGA Tour. I’m more than happy if they fine players but why not just come out and say Tiger Woods was fined? Tell us why and maybe we could all make some constructive informed comments. This sort of behaviour also not only resembles a certain Australian sporting body but a few other powerful regimes. Golf Girl’s Diary and Rub of the Green have some nice takes on the story.

Lastly, Michael Campbell has made headlines and it’s not a good one. The always factual and credible English newspaper The Mirror has labelled Michael Campbell a “serial quitter” after withdrawing from the Open Championship last month. It was the fifth time he has withdrawn from an event this year. He made his first cut on the European Tour this year in Sweden two weeks ago and he’s playing the PGA Championship this weekend. Maybe he’s better suited to majors.

Thanks to Golfer Pacific for bringing this to the attrention of Aussie Golfer.

[Editor’s Note: It appears the report of Tiger receiving a fine was inaccurate.

“Yes, I’ve heard from the Tour, and there’s no fine,” Woods said, referring to the Monday AP article. “It was an erroneous report.”

He then didn’t hold back in continuing his criticism of the situation:
“Do you in any way regret personalizing the issue by naming John Paramor in your criticism of — ”
A: “No, because he’s the one who did it.”

It seems the PGA Tour have not fined Tiger this time. He’s reportedly the most fined player on tour. It does not change the precious nature of the PGA Tour and my comments relating to their reactions to criticism’s indeed still apply.]

3 thoughts on “Fines, slow play and quitters

  • I hope he is fined and i definitely hope that it deters players from indulging in such behaviour although, we do love such mud-slinging in public!

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. I find it incredibly silly that the PGA Tour does not bother to come out and declare the fines they are imposing on players. A few hundred dollars or whatever the amount of the fine may be, is not really going to pinch Tiger Woods but what is bound to hurt him is if the officials come out and say Mr Woods was fined ‘X’ amount for poor behaviour. Once it is in the public domain, it becomes imperative for Tiger Woods to improve himself because a lot of people will start hounding on this one aspect. After all, insult is the best way to deter the big professional athlete where monetary fines are nothing more than administrative distractions for the players.

    I read in one of the stories that Tiger Woods is believed to be the most fined player on tour because of the obscenities you can often hear him mouth on television. While that might be a difficult fact to establish, I think it just strengthens the case that someone has to come out and inform everyone about someone’s misdeeds. That’s the only way the players’ conduct is going to improve on and off the course.

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