Every cornered about drug related past

Matt Every’s arrest for drug possession resurfaces in Hawaii.
There was a non-issue that became a rather large issue on the PGA Tour this morning. Matt Every leads the Sony Open in Hawaii after two rounds. But there is a little controversy behind Matt Every that some people won’t leave alone.
In July 2010, Every was arrested  after police were called to a hotel room a few days before the John Deere Classic PGA Tour. It was reported that there were people in the room with Every smoking marijuana and while he was not smoking, he was charged with possession but the charges were ultimately dropped.
Every was suspended by the PGA Tour for three months soon after the arrest and was told to not speak of the suspension.
It seems a few people haven’t forgotten the ultimately harmless episode in Every’s past and the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman cornered him during his post-round interview today.

It seems there are a lot of people concerned about Every saying “I don’t think it’s that big a deal”, and how the PGA Tour might react to his “there’s a lot worse stuff that goes one out here” remark.
Firstly, it’s crazy Tilghman cornered him like this. It’s probably just nice to have a second round lead and have your golf do the talking rather than digging up a pretty innocuous misdemeanour.
Secondly, the antediluvian way the PGA Tour deals with these sorts of issues is concerning. One must worry about the sort of reaction they may have to these fairly obvious remarks. The alcohol drunk on course and in the clubhouse must surely be a larger threat to society or as Ryan Ballangee put it, slow play would probably trump them all.
Let’s not forget Carl Spackler’s role in all this too. He was a pioneer on the golf course and was one of the first to do this sort of illegal, but harmless stuff. He has gone on to become one of the legends of the game.
Storm in teacup. Yes. 
[Dismounting soapbox].

9 thoughts on “Every cornered about drug related past

  • “Harmless stuff”? I think there is a lot of evidence that would dispute your “harmlessness” claim. It would be nice to see Matt take responsibility and then we can all move on.

    • True Anon. It’s not completely harmless but I suppose I meant when you stack it up against alcohol and it’s effect on society, it doesn’t even get close.

      There is some evidence it could be dangerous to the developing brain (possible link to mental health issues) but in small doses there’s not as much strong evidence as you would expect.

      He probably should have supressed his true thoughts on the matter though, or bitten his tongue and said the right thing.

  • apparently marijuana use is rampant in Oz. no wonder you guys beat the world in every sport

    • Ha! Yes, some recent reports have shown it does have high use per capita in Oz. It’s no beer down here that’s for sure, but it isn’t exactly hen’s teeth either.

      I’m not sure there’s a link to athletic ability but you have to wonder why the Dutch aren’t better at sport? 🙂

  • I thought she was a real jerk bringing it up and then continuing to ask him about this silly non issue. BTW wasn’t she reprimanded for saying “Tiger might get lynched.”?

  • I mean it is golf… this isn’t TMZ, give me golf and golf scores.. I don’t care if Tilghman likes to munch on carpet ie some snorkling.. this isn’t hey shoot a 64 and talk about your the mailman’s son surprise surprise!! Everybody pointing the finger at Matt when Kelly is the one cornering him, give me a break…


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